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About us

Founded in 2009 by Petr Bouša as a student project while studying at the Prague University of Economics (VŠE), IMPORTO Drive s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as IMPORTO) initially focused on individually importing new vehicles from Italy and later Scandinavia. Starting from 2014, IMPORTO shifted its focus from direct vehicle imports for Czech customers to wholesale distribution of new cars. Serving not only customers within the Czech Republic but also extending its reach to other EU traders and beyond. In 2023, marked by the establishment of a new headquarters, showroom, and warehouse in Klatovy, IMPORTO reverts to its roots, reopening the model of direct car sales to end customers in the Czech Republic.


Founded on May 28, 2009, by Petr Bouša, who remains the owner and director, IMPORTO opened its first office with a showroom on Plzeňská in Klatovy. This street holds special significance for us, as in 2023, after several years, we return to it with our own premises. Our first employee, Martin Muchna, joined us in 2009 as a salesperson and has since become our longest-serving employee, currently serving as the company's procurator.


In 2010, our sales experienced growth as we began buying and selling cars in larger quantities. Additionally, we initiated our first cross-border B2B sales to Germany, although we perceived this as marginal at that time.


We've relocated to our own newly renovated building on Puškinova Street in Klatovy. The new location enables us to showcase up to 20 vehicles and offers storage capacity three times larger than before. Celebrating 12 years here, we take pride in our illuminated advertising, featuring cutting-edge LED technology when it was first introduced.


The company's strategy is evolving, with a primary focus on exporting cars to the EU. To facilitate entry into the German market, we are establishing a subsidiary, IMPORTO DE GmbH, in Amberg, Germany. The addition of a sales office in Germany has streamlined operations, contributing to our sales growth and the expansion of IMPORTO with the inclusion of new employees.


The drive for continuous growth remains strong. Opening a branch in Prague on the distinctive Bavorská street (Bavaria street), our focus this year is entirely on B2B business. Crossing the significant threshold of 3,000 vehicles sold annually, delivered to customers across Europe, we are committed to advancing in this direction.


Embarking on a new chapter, we are commencing the construction of a state-of-the-art headquarters in Klatovy. This comprehensive facility will include an office building, a showroom, a warehouse, and a spacious outdoor parking lot.


During the same year, our Prague sales team relocates to the contemporary Aspira Business Center on Bucharová Street in Prague. Our expansion into new markets persists, with sales extending to 15 different countries in the EU and beyond.


In 2023, IMPORTO made the strategic decision to introduce the model of selling cars to end customers through independent dealers in the Czech Republic. To support this initiative, a new center boasting over 300 warehouse cars was inaugurated in Klatovy in May 2023.